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K-9 Octane

K-9 Octane


Now offering several size options and new subscription choices! 



Virtue's flagship formula, truly an "all life stage" high performance formula with 3930kcal/kg (609kcal/cup, calculated, modified Atwater, so this is likely under-calculated by as much as 12%) from highly bio-available sources for protein and fat, and impressively low carbohydrate content.  This means higher nutrient utilization for your dog and a super value for your budget. You're not paying a premium for cheap fillers that belong in cattle feed, or exotic additives that sound uber fancy and cost a lot of money, but are of absolutely no benefit to your dog.


Feel secure in the knowledge that you're feeding a food developed with active dogs just like yours in mind, a food carefully formulated by a working dog breeder who puts the health and safety of dogs above all else, a food sourced from only the cleanest, highest quality ingredients from North America and Canada, and you'll see the true value of K-9 Octane lies in its peace of mind.  K-9 Octane was made specifically for trainers, breeders, and all active dog enthusiasts struggling to feed multiple high energy dogs the best food they can procure at a price they can afford. 


K-9 Octane stands alone with 6-9x more anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids than most premium and super premium foods that are often inverted up to 9:1 in favor of pro-inflammatory Omega-6s. With a 1:1 Omega 6- Omega 3 ratio, your dog is reaping the benefits in each meal as opposed to having to purchase expensive and rancidity-prone oils for supplementation. For this reason, please see our warning below:


Please note: WE DO NOT RECOMMEND ADDING SALMON OR OTHER FISH OILS TO OUR FOODS. They are already exponentially higher in Omega-3s than competitors' foods and it is extremely difficult to keep them fresh and safe for consumption. It's possible that by just a short time after opening your oil bottle, you're serving your pet oxidized, rancid oil and totally defeating the purpose of adding it to begin with. Additoionally, it is critical to add vitamin E when supplementing fish oil or again, you're negating the benefits you're trying to achieve. Our products are very tightly balanced to provide everything they need and nothing they don't. If you have a specific question, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Price Options
One-time purchase
Every 2 Weeks
Auto-Ship & Save 5%
$90.25every 2 weeks until canceled
Every 3 Weeks
Auto-Ship & Save 5%
$90.25every 3 weeks until canceled
Once Per Month
Auto-Ship & Save 5%
$90.25every month until canceled
Every 6 Weeks
Auto-Ship & Save 5%
$90.25every 6 weeks until canceled
Every 2 Months
Auto-Ship & Save 5%
$90.25every 2 months until canceled
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