K-9 Octane, 528lbs (12 bags)

K-9 Octane, 528lbs (12 bags)


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Virtue's flagship formula, available at a further reduced price (free shipping plus an additional $5 off per bag) for those needing more than 5 bags at a time, but who don't have space to store a half or full pallet.  


Truly an all life stage high performance formula with 3930kcal/kg (609kcal/cup, calculated, modified Atwater) from highly bio-available sources for protein and fat, and impressively low carbohydrate content.  This means higher nutrient utilization for your dog and a super value for your budget. You're not paying a premium for cheap fillers that belong in cattle feed, or exotic additives that sound uber fancy and cost a lot of money, but are of absolutely no benefit to your dog.


At just $1.94/lb when you purchase 528lbs (12 bags) at one time, you're receiving more usable calories from top quality sources than any other super-premium dry food on the market at a superior value. 


Feel secure in the knowledge that you're feeding a food developed with active dogs just like yours in mind, a food carefully formulated by a working dog breeder who puts the health and safety of dogs above all else, a food sourced from only the cleanest, highest quality ingredients from North America and Canada, and you'll see the true value of K-9 Octane lies in its peace of mind.  K-9 Octane was made specifically for trainers, breeders, and all active dog enthusiasts struggling to feed multiple high energy dogs the best food they can procure at a price they can afford.