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V Madox von der Emsaue IPO3, KKL

Owned by vom Eisenherz German Shepherds

Welcome to the home of an honestly different dog food company

Thank you so much for your interest in what we feel is truly superior nutrition for our canine companions.  


You're skeptical. We know you've been lied to before. You have trust issues. We get it. As a company owned by a working dog breeder, Virtue plans to earn your trust through HONEST representation and communication on all fronts and a promise that we will NEVER re-formulate in a manner that would negatively impact its suitability and safety for these purposes. On top of that, know that every purchase of Virtue helps dogs everywhere, in all walks of life, through our charitable donation program (more on that later).


Years of stressing over what foods are safe at that particular time has led us down this path. We hope to give peace of mind to pet owners, trainers, boarding facilities, breeders and rescue organizations alike that they are giving their dogs and pups the safest foundation possible through careful research and formulation of what we feel is a food unrivaled in value and quality...and quality control.

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