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Buy Virtue; Do Good


Virtue is passionate about the well-being of all dogs everywhere, but working dogs hold a special place for us, particularly our public servants who give so much, often making the ultimate sacrifice for our safety. To do our part to help repay them and express our gratitude for all they do, Virtue has teamed up with MARK-9. Read about MARK-9's mission by clicking the logo below. We feel MARK-9 is an incredibly worthy cause and a great fit for our mission, and we hope you agree.


Virtue will make a donation to MARK-9 with every purchase.

In addition to supporting specific woriking dog charitites, Virtue directly sponsors rescues who don't have an organization or breeder standing behind them. We salute our responsible breeders who stand behind their dogs for life and keep them from ever becoming homeless and in danger. Unfortunately, for every responsible, ethical breeder who puts carefully planned litters of pupppies into permanent, committed homes, there are hundreds of thoughtless, irresponsible people like backyard breeders puppy mills, and those who abandon their pets o


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