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Founded by a breeder, the optimal feeding of moms and puppies is a not only a core focus at Virtue, but essentially the reason Virtue exists. In the past, we as breeders, handlers, trainers and  owners of boarding facilities, etc. had to choose between high quality food and food those of us with multiple dogs could afford to feed. Compromising on their food never felt right. K-9 Octane was developed specifically to address this predicament. By eliminating costly marketing items (like fancy closures and artwork on bags) and utilizing large bag sizes, we can keep costs focused on the things that actually benefit our dogs- high quality, consistently safe ingredients. Those of us feeding multiple dogs, especially if large or high drive don't need a single bag to last 6 months with a fancy zipper closure. But, we do need it to be healthy and safe for our dams, sires and pups at all stages of life. 

We want to offer peace of mind to breeders that their pups going home on K-9 Octane are receiving the highest quality food designed specifically for them. We advocate for responsible and ethical breeding and have a strong passion for helping these breeders do what they do best- produce healthy working dogs and pets. Breeders and other canine professionals have enough to worry about without worrying about the safety or appropriateness of their dogs' food.

Please email for more information about our breeder program.


Your first bag upon approval is 50% off!

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