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I’ve always been picky about dog food and it’s nice to have a brand I can finally trust! Not only this, but the high kcal/cup makes it so I don’t have to feed exorbitant amounts to my working dog who blows through food. Plus the dogs love it!

Erica L, VA  & Rook vom Eisenherz, BH, IGP1


"My 4 German Shepherds and 1 Belgian are all on Virtue. They range in age from 12 weeks to 11 years, with varying activity levels. I am happy report great digestion, shiny coats, and it keeps the weight on well.

The kibble is a great size for all ages and all of them go nuts for it. I can use this as a training treat and no one objects. The quality and care that goes into the production of this food is not found elsewhere. I have tried many high-end foods, and Virtue wins hands down. I am especially happy to not wonder if the formula will change without notice. I am not concerned about a growing pup or an aging senior on Virtue!"

Jennifer M, IL


"Over the years I have struggled finding a dog food brand that I can trust. In a perfect world I would love to feed raw. Unfortunately, with my schedule and cost involved, I have not been able to consistently feed that way. Virtue offers wholesome, safe and affordable food. Switching over to this food has been very easy and simple. The dogs all love it, even my picky eater. No issues so far and hoping it will help clean up some of the skin issues I was seeing on other brands of food. For anyone considering this food, please know the owner of Virtue has your dogs health in mind and is extremely honest and dependable."

— Name, Title


"Following up on my review from almost a year ago, we still love Virtue and have switched all dogs (from 18lbs to 80lbs) over to this food. Everyone is looking great, I no longer deal with flakey, dry skin and all dogs have held weight better than ever. I no longer have to feed my big guy 8 cups of food . Customer service is great and I always feel comfortable knowing my dogs are getting the best real ingredients at an affordable price."

Andrea J. IL


Danek has been on Virtue K-9 Octane for about a year now and his muscle tone and coat quality has definitely improved. On his last food, I had a hard time feeding him enough without it causing runny stool. So I looked into a food with a higher calorie count that I could feed less of, and a friend recommended virtue! His bathroom issues resolved themselves immediately, and he started to gain muscle and a vast coat improvement. You DO feed considerably less! I was feeding 4 cups/day of the other high activity/high calorie food and he was not keeping his weight up during the Summer when our activity increased. He’s on 2.5 - 3 cups/day of K-9 Octane!


But the oddest thing happened….Certain animals aggravate my allergies. There’s no rhyme or reason, but Danek was one of them. But after switching to Virtue, that's 99% eliminated. I can hug my dog now without getting red itchy eyes!

Claire R. MI

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