K-9 Octane

Fuel What Matters!

Our debut formula, K-9 Octane is a culmination of years of searching for that "sweet spot" between calories needed for performance dogs and the ability to appropriately nourish their offspring, which frequently fall under the umbrella of "large breed puppies" (LBP).

 K-9 Octane  was formulated specifically for the needs of working dogs, large breed puppies, pregnant females and other active dogs and pups. What makes this particular formula especially unique is the incredibly low ash content of the main protein source, chicken meal. If you're label-readers like us, you know ash can be pretty high in many high -meat formulations! The reason is simple. The less ash in a meat meal, the higher the price. Higher ash = lower quality= lower price.  For adults, this is not nearly as critical as it is for puppies, especially large and giant puppies, as this is an important factor in how much calcium a food contains. Adults are able to rid their bodies of excess calcium fairly efficiently, and can therefore safely consume more than they need. Puppies' bodies, on the other hand, are not so efficient, and we must therefore balance their rations more carefully. 


In order to meet not only our quality standards, but the safe parameters for feeding large breed puppies (amended by AAFCO in 2016), we have procured extremely low ash chicken meal.  This means we can include a whole lot more quality meat in our formula without raising calcium above the parameters deemed most suitable for the unique needs of large breed puppies (pups who will mature to greater than 70lbs). This is what makes K-9 Octane stand alone.  K-9 Octane  will never change in a manner that would violate the tight parameters of LBP growth recommendations.


As of 2016, AAFCO requires dog food labels to state whether their food is formulated for "all life stages including the growth of large breed puppies" or "except for growth of large breed puppies." This is a very important step in pet food labeling and a huge victory. If your current food does not specify that it meets requirements for pups with a mature weight greater than 70lbs, assume it does not! Click HERE for Tuft's explanation of these excellent changes. 

Our Simple, Wholesome Ingredients:


Low Ash Chicken Meal, Whole Oats, Whole Millet, Herring Meal, Chicken Fat, Herring Oil, Egg Powder (pure whole eggs excluding shell), Brewer's Yeast, Beet Pulp, Chicken Liver, Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Vitamins & Minerals

Guaranteed Analysis:

Protein: 32% min. (1120kcal/kg 28.5% total energy)

Fat: 24% min. (25% typical/as tested, 2040kcal/kg, 52% total energy)

Fiber: 4% max. (Typical/as tested +/- 3%)

NFE: 22% (770kcal/kg, 19.5% total energy)

Moisture: 10% max.

Total Energy: 3930kcal/kg, 609kcal/cup (Modified Atwater)

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