K-9 Octane 33LB

K-9 Octane 33LB


Virtue's flagship formula, K-9 Octane was specifically formulated with high performance dogs, hard-keepers, and puppies in mind. No other food on the market can compete with the calories and quality of ingredients for the price. K-9 Octane is loaded with everything your dogs need to thrive, and nothing they don't.


In addition to a short list of wholesome, easily-pronouncable ingredients, strict quality control protocols, higher protein and fat and lower carbohydrates than nearly any other kibble on the market, where K-9 Octane really stands alone in the performance dog food market is that we utilize much higher quality chicken meal than other performance foods, thus keeping our ash levels low enough to maintain calcium levels within range for large breed puppies.


In plain English, in addition to being a super high performance diet, K-9 Octane is formulated with such high quality raw ingredients that it is able to meet the revised, stricter parameters of appropriate calcium levels for the growth of pups expected to exceed 70lbs. at maturity.* 


K-9 Octane is a food trainers, breeders, exhibitors, competitors and owners of active pets alike can feed every dog of every size and age under their care, and feel good that each life stage is being provided with the nourishment they need to not simply survive, but to thrive.


We believe K-9 Octane to be an unparalleled combination of extremely high calories, quality of ingredients, safety, and affordability. 

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